Meet CCI Giving - CCI's new charitable foundation

Meet CCI Giving - CCI's new charitable foundation

CCI Giving is a new kind of charitable foundation for the Australian Catholic community from Catholic Church Insurance (CCI).

CCI has been insuring Catholic entities and organisations in Australia for over 100 years. As an organisation owned by the Catholic dioceses and religious institutes of Australia, CCI has a long history of ethically and compassionately giving back to the Australian Catholic community.

CCI Giving will support Catholic organisations and others carrying out Catholic mission in Australia, and will be set up with $10 million contribution from CCI. We’re addressing local community needs as they arise through our grants program, and making a concerted difference through impact grants to causes that we see as under-addressed. 

CEO Roberto Scenna says we’re giving back now more than ever to those who need us most.

“We’re really proud to be contributing $10 million to CCI Giving because we recognise that we needed to do more. We needed to make a difference,” Scenna says. 

“A growing number of organisations and causes are going unfunded each year, while other charities are at funding capacity. I’m a firm believer that what you say has no credibility unless it’s backed up by your actions and behaviour – that’s why CCI Giving focuses on gaps in current social welfare areas.

“CCI Giving is our way of formalising over 100 years of support for the Catholic community. We’re giving back to those overcoming challenges and adversity, and especially those who need us the most. 

“We’re stepping up to promote compassion and generosity, and create change on a greater scale. That’s why we’re working with Catholic organisations and charities, staff, and CCI clients to achieve positive social impact for disadvantaged and marginalised communities and make future generations proud.

“CCI Giving is being established with a $10 million contribution from CCI and will become a perpetual charitable foundation that is not reliant on public funding."

For any enquiries about the grants programs call 02 9779 6317, or for any media enquiries please contact Adam Dixson on 03 9934 3182.