Warming the soul with Community Partners, afternoon tea

Warming the soul with Community Partners, afternoon tea

CCI Giving welcomed recipients of the Small Grants Program plus our Impact Grants partner, FRRR, with an afternoon tea on Friday 20 July. Successful applicants from communities around Australia attended, and the opportunity to meet in person and connect through conversations was valuable to all.

CCI Giving Directors Roberto Scenna, Reverend Dr Philip Marshall, and Marita Wright welcomed guests at the informal gathering for refreshments and to present them their plaques. Each of those attending spoke about their funded project, providing insights into the needs of Australians whose lives are affected by domestic violence and trauma, financial hardship, educational disadvantage or mental illness.

Roberto Scenna, also CEO at CCI, said he was encouraged by the response to the call for applications.

“CCI Giving launched with a $10 million contribution to create this charitable foundation. Today, we get to celebrate. It’s really satisfying to know that the ball is rolling, and the funds are being put to work. Meeting people who are working hard to make a positive impact is always a privilege.”

He explained the importance of giving back to communities in new ways that are meaningful, and the Small Grants Program recipients know exactly how to make the distributions have a long-term impact.

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s Foodbank in Footscray services around 600 members each week. Angela Devore says the number asylum seekers who rely Foodbank has doubled in the past three years.

“Members shop once a week for groceries, and we have a longstanding food donor. Community support for this initiative is high. More than $1 million of donated food comes to us and we manage storage with our 126 volunteers each week. The Small Grant Program has helped us to build a cold storage room. This means we can now receive more food and store fresh food for longer. It makes a big difference, especially during summer when groceries perish quickly.”

Marita Wright said the Small Grants Program is one of three funding streams offered through CCI Giving. She was delighted by how people connected during the afternoon.

“It was a great opportunity to build CCI Giving’s relationship with community partners and to learn more about their funded projects. A relaxed, simple afternoon tea enabled our community partners to connect with one another, to have valuable conversations and expand their support network. In fact, many exchanged numbers so they can stay connected.”

She is confident that more people will learn about CCI Giving as word spreads among community groups.

“We also have the Matched Grants and Impact Grants programs, but this one reaches out to smaller groups, local community organisations who can really make use of funding from $5000 or in some cases $10,000 that supports small capital works initiatives.”

She encourages those involved in charitable, humanitarian or social justice initiatives to step up and apply.

The CCI Small Grants Program accepts applications on an ongoing basis. Successful organisations are limited to one grant per year, with applications reviewed and assessed every six months by a committee.

Grant applications are now open again, closing 14 September 2018.

Find out if you are eligible and apply here. It’s quick and easy to apply. Subscribe to CCI Giving’s e-newsletter to stay up-to-date.


Cover photo:
Stephen Barrington, Team Leader, Foothills Community Care (VIC)
Joanne Antoni, CareWorks Project Manager, Churches of Christ Community Care (VIC)
Alice Garrick, DV Group Coordinator, Foothills Community Care (VIC)


Rui Olim, Head-Chef/Business Manager
St Francis Social Service, House of Welcome (NSW)


Ursula De’Almeida, Grants Coordinator
Emma Chappell, Community Food Volunteer Coordinator
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (VIC)


Left: Natalie Egleton, Chief Executive Officer, Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (National),
Middle: Kirsten Shearn, Director Programs, Growth and Innovation, The Patricia Giles Centre Inc (WA)
Right: Tim Farren, Regional Manager, South and West, CCI


Liz Fenech, Manager Catholic Education Foundation, Catholic Education Foundation (NSW)


Portia Johnson-Murray, Youth+ Foundation Executive Office
Youth Plus Foundation Limited (VIC)


Nick Pearce, Chief Executive Officer
HoMie Street Store (VIC)


Roberto Scenna
Director, CCI Giving


Left: Jenny Collins-White, Manager Mission Formation - Program Manager Schools &Advocacy, Catholic Mission (NSW)
Right: Martia Wright, Director, CCI Giving


Left: Reverend Dr Philip Marshall, Director, CCI Giving
Right: Kris McKay, Partnerships & Business Development Manager, Beacon Foundation (TAS and QLD)


Kirsten Shearn, Director Programs, Growth and Innovation
The Patricia Giles Centre Inc (WA)


Left: Reverend Dr Philip Marshall, Director, CCI Giving
Middle:Nick Pearce, Chief Executive Officer, HoMie Street Store (VIC)
Right: Lauren Clair, Digital Marketing Specialist, CCI